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Dental Exams
Menasha, WI

A woman in dental chair smiling after her dental exam at Mid Valley Dental in Menasha, WIRegular examinations, by Michael J. Wockenfus, DDS, help detect and prevent health issues before they become serious. Consistent dental check-ups with our team help catch problems when they are small and easier to treat. Left unattended, small treatable problems become worse and may require more extensive, expensive procedures to repair. Dental examinations generally include the following:
•  Gum disease screening
•  Oral cancer screening
•  Visual tooth decay evaluation
•  Gum pocket measurement and tracking
•  X-ray examination to detect: tooth decay, cysts, tumors, problems below the gums and other hidden issues

Regular examinations by Michael J. Wockenfus, DDS are very important for your health. Remember, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." –Benjamin Franklin

X-rays (Radiographs)

Dental x-rays are a primary tool for early identification of dental problems. Your Menasha dentist can detect issues with x-rays before they become problems, saving you money in the long run by preventing the need for more expensive procedures or surgeries. X-rays are primarily used to detect internal tooth decay, cysts (fluid filled sacks at the base of your teeth), tumors, impacted teeth, and teeth that are still erupting.

Intraoral Camera

In addition to taking pictures of your mouth, the intraoral camera also has special software that enables us to more closely examine certain areas of your mouth. We can zoom in on suspect areas and enhance the images for better clarity. This, along with many other features, allows us to see even the smallest details of your mouth so that we can provide you with more accurate diagnoses and much more effective treatment plans to help you maintain optimal oral health.

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Regular dental examinations by our team at Mid-Valley Dental can help detect and prevent health issues before they become serious. Click here to learn more.
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