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Intraoral Camera
Menasha, WI

A patient smiling while our doctor uses an intraoral camera at Mid Valley Dental in Menasha, WIDental exams are an important component in maintaining your oral health. Routine dental exams give us the opportunity to check over your mouth and detect issues in their earliest stages so that you can get the treatment you need right away. If you are experiencing symptoms, an exam during your dental cleanings will enable us to get to the root of the problem. A visual exam is a crucial part of detecting issues in your mouth. Some areas are more difficult to see than others, however. At Mid Valley Dental, we can see these more difficult areas with an intraoral camera.

A More Advanced Tool for Visual Examinations

You are probably very familiar with the metal mirror that has been used for decades for preventive dentistry during dental examinations. A mirror is an effective tool for examining areas of your teeth and gums that we might otherwise have a difficult time seeing. However, even this mirror has its limitations. Today, the metal mirror has been replaced with an intraoral camera. This technology consists of a handheld wand about the size of a large pen. On one end, there is a tiny optical camera.

The other end of the wand is attached to a base. The camera shows us the inside of your mouth on a computer monitor in real time. As we move the camera around in your mouth, we can view your mouth on the monitor. The camera also enables us to take pictures of your mouth so that we can more closely examine certain areas of your mouth without you having to keep your mouth wide open.

Providing You with a More Thorough Exam

In addition to taking pictures of your mouth, the intraoral camera also has special software that enables us to more closely examine certain areas of your mouth. We can zoom in on suspect areas and enhance the images for better clarity. This, along with many other features, allows us to see even the smallest details of your mouth so that we can provide you with more accurate diagnoses and much more effective treatment plans to help you maintain optimal oral health.

See Inside Your Mouth

With a metal mirror, we can see inside your mouth, but you have no idea what we are seeing. Even if the details of your mouth are explained, it can be difficult to imagine it. You might not understand the severity of a diagnosed condition, or believe it is all that bad. For patients with anxiety, not knowing what is going on can be nerve-wracking.

With the intraoral camera, you get a unique opportunity to see inside your mouth. You can look at the computer monitor and see exactly what we see. You can better understand the severity of certain issues and why we are recommending certain treatments. For patients with anxiety, it can be a great relief to know exactly what we are doing as we are doing it.

Digital Storage

Any images we take of your mouth can be stored on your digital file. This allows us to easily access images at later appointments to compare with newer images or send images to specialists as needed. With your images stored digitally, we do not have to spend time digging through a paper file or worry about images getting ruined or lost.

Take a More Active Role

Images can also be printed out. You can take them home for use as a reference point. The moment you notice something has changed, you can call the office. This allows immediate treatment, which can help to prevent more serious issues from developing.

An intraoral camera allows us to take a much closer look at the visible structures in your mouth so that we can detect the presence of any issues and provide you with the treatment you need. For more information about the intraoral camera, or to schedule your next dental exam, call Mid Valley Dental at (920) 215-4160 today.

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Intraoral Camera - Mid Valley Dental, S.C. - Dentist Menasha, WI
An intraoral camera allows a dentist to see more difficult areas in the mouth to detect problems earlier. For more information call Mid Valley Dental today!
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