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Does Exercise Boost Your General Oral Health?

Posted on 9/5/2022 by Dr. Michael Wockenfus
Does Exercise Boost Your General Oral Health?Compared to thirty years ago, more individuals are jogging on the streets today. These people are aware of the positive effects exercise can have on their general health. If you are more interested in illness prevention than illness cure, this is an excellent place to start. Most individuals are unaware that exercise can also benefit their oral health. When you work out in some areas, you actually cover your entire body. This includes working out at home or at the gym.

Why is Exercising the Face Muscles So Important for Oral Health?

Your jaw and dental arches are stretched as you work out and use your face muscles. The muscles that support your entire jaw can be stretched out by doing this. Even though it seems straightforward, this assists with jaw locking and laying just outside the joint socket. Additionally, turning your neck from side to side while opening your mouth to breathe is beneficial. This facilitates the stretching of the muscles in and around the mouth as well as opening the airway.

Is Exercise Involved with Periodontal Disease?

This topic has been the subject of extensive inquiry. Many people are unaware of the role exercise plays in preventing periodontal disease. The inflammation of the gums is the first sign of this serious gum disease. Plaque that builds up around teeth pulls teeth away from the gum and creates pockets that collect pus. The components of the tooth may suffer additional damage as a result of this.

It is crucial to eat a balanced diet, clean your teeth at least twice, and floss once every day. Maintaining a regimen that enables you to stay fit is also crucial. Call our clinic today to learn more about improving your dental health through exercise.

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