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Are X-rays Safe When Pregnant?

Posted on 5/23/2022 by Dr. Michael Wockenfus
Are X-rays Safe When Pregnant?Every pregnant woman wants the best for their child and can never do anything that will put their unborn baby at risk. As you continue with your dental visits, the dentist might recommend an x-ray. There has been a myth that it is not safe for a pregnant woman to have an x-ray. To find out if it is true or false, read through. Dental x-rays are images of your teeth, jaws and gums that are taken by the use of radiation to help the dentist to give a proper diagnosis of your oral health.

Why You Need It

It helps the dentist to identify problems such as gum disease which is common in pregnant women. When the gums swell due to hormonal changes, food particles get trapped between the teeth and gums. This causes plaque buildup which might lead to an infection that can be passed into the bloodstream and affect your baby if not treated early.

Are X-rays Safe?

Pregnant women have a concern about radiation effects on their baby. Extreme radiation emissions are dangerous. However, the low radiation levels from dental x-rays cannot harm your baby. One x-ray is only 0.01 millirads which is not enough to harm the fetus.

Protective measures are there to ensure that your baby is safe. The dentist will give you a lead apron and thyroid collar to put on before an x-ray to protect yourself and the baby. Only your mouth will be exposed to the radiation. With the current use of digital x-rays over the traditional x-rays, the radiation emitted is much lower.

It is, therefore, safe to have an x-ray during pregnancy. Always talk to the dentist about any concerns you might have. For more information on oral health during pregnancy, visit our dental clinic or give us a call and talk to our dentist.

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