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How often do you need to get your teeth cleaned at the dentist?

Posted on 2/21/2022 by Dr. Michael Wockenfus
How often do you need to get your teeth cleaned at the dentist?Using floss regularly and practicing good oral hygiene can help keep your teeth and gums healthy, but you still might find yourself wondering how often you should go to the dentist to make sure there are no problems or issues with your teeth or gums that need to be addressed. It is not as often as you might think. Most dentists will recommend that you get your teeth cleaned every 3–6 months, depending on your overall dental health and the condition of your teeth and gums when you visit the dentist.

When should I go for Teeth Cleanings?

Everyone has their schedule for visiting their dental office. Some people go once a year, while others go every six months. How frequently you visit a dental office really depends on two things: how well and adequately you are brushing and flossing and also how healthy your gums are. One way to tell if your gums are healthy is by asking yourself these questions: Do I bleed when I brush my teeth or floss? Am I experiencing bone loss in my jawline or feeling any pain in my mouth during eating or drinking? If so, it might be time for a visit to your dentist's office.

What happens During A Teeth Cleaning Procedure?

Teeth cleaning or scaling is a procedure that is important for many reasons. It removes plaque and tartar from tooth surfaces and under gums, preventing tooth decay, gum disease, and infections. Twice per year is recommended for most people. That said, more frequent cleanings may be necessary if you have other conditions such as diabetes. The procedure usually begins with your dentist inspecting your teeth to check for oral problems. He will also check your medical history and proceed to clean your mouth while fixing your dental problems. Call or visit us at our dental clinic for more information about teeth cleaning procedures.

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