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The Four Known Benefits of Dental Inlays

Posted on 10/25/2021 by Dr. Michael Wockenfus
The Four Known Benefits of Dental InlaysMuch like with other dental restorations, dental inlays can be an ideal option when it comes to treating tooth decay or damage. Although more serious tooth damage will require you to consider more invasive options like dental crowns, learning about the benefits of inlays will surely help you in restoring your healthy smile.

They Preserve your Tooth's Natural Structure

We highly recommend inlays if you want less reduction done to your tooth. If you are planning to get dental inlays, we will only need to remove a small tissue to place the inlay on your teeth. Dental crowns, on the other hand, will require us to remove a much larger portion of your tooth. Moreover, dental inlays can prolong the life of your tooth, preventing you to experience further dental problems in the future.

Natural-Looking Appearance

Dental inlays can also look much like natural teeth. This is because porcelain, the commonly used material for dental inlays, can match the color of your natural teeth. Dental inlays also have stain-resistant properties, which means you will have an easier time managing their vibrant look.

More Durability and Stronger Tooth

Since inlays are commonly made from porcelain, they are also reasonably durable. In fact, they can last between 20-30 years with the right dental care. Moreover, they can make your weakened or decayed tooth significantly stronger.

Quick and Safe Results

You are more than likely to spend less time in our dentist's chair if you are getting dental inlays. This is because dental inlays are generally made using CAD/CAM technology, an advanced system that uses precise computer software, a 3-D scanner, and a milling unit. Moreover, dental inlays are safe since they do not have any material that can cause allergic reactions. If you are considering dental inlays, make sure to call our office today to know if it is the right dental restoration for you.

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