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What Habits Are Bad For Your Child's Teeth

Posted on 10/11/2021 by Dr. Michael Wockenfus
What Habits Are Bad For Your Child's TeethYou should start promoting your kid's oral hygiene from day one before they have their first baby teeth and encourage them to have healthy dental habits until they are adults. A high percentage of kids suffer from untreated cavities and tooth decay. As a parent, you should ensure kids avoid the following bad habits that normally affect their teeth.

Avoiding Dental Visits

One the leading bad habits that you should avoid as a parent is neglecting dental visits. Your kid should have regular check-ups especially from the onset of their first baby tooth, which is around when they are six months. Regular checkups will ensure proper assessment of your baby's teeth to see whether they have tooth decay, gum disease, or other dental issues.

Eating Sugary Foods And Drinking Too Much Soda

Sugary food and soft drinks are bad for any person's teeth. However, they have a severe impact on newly erupted children's teeth. As a parent, you should not let your kid drink a lot of soda because the sugar and acids in these drinks may lead to tooth decay. Offer your kid nutritious food and drink options for them to improve their oral hygiene.

Brushing Too Hard And Swallowing Toothpaste

Brushing too hard for kids leads to gum recession. You should teach your kids how to gently brush their teeth to remove plaque. Fluoride fights cavities and is good for the dental health of your children. However, too much fluoride causes fluorosis, which is the formation of white or brown spots on your child's teeth.

Running With Objects On Their Mouth

Your kids may not know the danger of running with objects in their mouths. It is important for you to teach them that these objects can cause tissue damage in their mouth which may be very painful. For more information about habits that are bad for your kid's teeth, please visit our offices today!

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