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Snacks to Alleviate Bad Breath When You Cannot Brush

Posted on 10/19/2020 by Dr. Michael Wockenfus
Snacks to Alleviate Bad Breath When You Cannot BrushBad breath can strike us at the worst of times. Particularly if you have no opportunity to freshen your breath with a quick brush or rinse of mouthwash, your breath can become stale over the day. However, as a subtle substitute for an oral cleaning, there are some snacks that can combat bad breath. In this way you can have a quick nibble on these at work and no longer have to worry about developing bad breath during the day.

Best Snacks to Alleviate Bad Breath

Firstly, it is important to understand what causes bad breath. Sometimes, the culprit is obvious, and you have eaten something that is known to incite bad breath. This could be onion or garlic. In which case, you may want a quick solution, like a sugarless chewing gum or a breath mint to pop in your mouth and mask the smell. Having these in your desk draw or bag will provide a failsafe for bad breath. However, bad breath can also be due to mouth breathing, if your mouth dries up during the day. This may mean you want a more consistent bad breath reliever for the day.

Eating fruits such as apples, oranges and melon can help encourage the influx of saliva into the mouth. Saliva helps tackle bad breath as it discourage the growth of harmful bacteria. Alternatively, nuts can be an ideal snack to nibble on as they are fibrous, and rub against the teeth, acting as a cleanser of your oral cavity. Having these midday or after lunch can help keep your breath fresh.

One of the best ways you can consistently prevent bad breath is by drinking water. This will keep the oral cavity moist and non-smelling. For an oral check-up or consultation appointment, call our office now.

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