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What Materials Make Up a Composite Filling?

Posted on 2/15/2020 by Dr. Michael Wockenfus
What Materials Make Up a Composite Filling?Today, most dental offices are making use of composite fillings – rather than the more unsightly silver fillings – than ever before. These fillings are known to work well, but what are they actually made of?

Most people aren't sure what composites are formed from, and that means they don't know what's in their teeth. We'll break down what composites are made from and why they're used more heavily today as well.

What Makes up a Composite Filling Today

Composite fillings have the name they do because they are made up of a few different materials combined together to create a moldable and strong product that looks natural on your teeth. These fillings are formed from a mixture of glass and plastic that's hard and pliable at the same time. The glass in the fillings makes them hard and prevents premature wear. The plastic is what gives the fillings their pliability and helps them to form that natural look that most people are looking for.

Composite fillings are highly desired today because they're durable and they look natural. They can be given a white color that matches existing teeth nicely and doesn't stand out like silver fillings do. The only downside is that composite fillings tend to wear out faster than silver fillings do. They can also change in color over time, especially if you drink coffee or tea. That's why many patients decide to have a protective coating put over their fillings to maintain their color over time.

With a better understanding of the benefits of composite fillings, and their overall structure, hopefully you know which type of fillings you want used in your mouth. If you aren't sure, we would love for you to come into our office and talk more about your filling options and how to best protect your teeth.

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