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Could There Be a Dead Tooth in Your Mouth?

Posted on 11/25/2019 by Dr. Michael Wockenfus
Could There Be a Dead Tooth in Your Mouth?When a tooth has no blood flow to it, it is considered to be dead. Most times people don't think of teeth as living, but they are. A healthy tooth is very alive as they have blood flow to them, they absorb nutrients and can also die off.

A tooth is made up of three layers; the pulp is the one that usually contains the blood vessels then we have the enamel and the dentin. A dead tooth can be caused when the nerves in the pulp either die, decay, or when they get injured and stop the supply of blood to the tooth.

How to Know if Your Tooth is Dead

You can never tell a dead tooth just by looking at it. That is why regular visits to the dentist are advised. However, two main symptoms can actually tell that a person is could be having a dead tooth. One of them is pain. A person who has a dead tooth can either be numb to the pain or experience sharp and intense pain which is caused by the pressure put on the periodontal membrane.

The periodontal membrane is usually the most sensitive nerve tissue located at the base of the tooth. The pain usually comes as a result of the infection causing the swelling in the tooth. When the color of the tooth begins to change to grey, yellow or even gets dark, it shows that blood is not being supplied hence the formation of a bruise.

When the tooth gets further infected, you may suffer from other symptoms such as bad smell from the dead tooth, bad taste in the mouth caused by the infection, abscess caused by the gums having inflamed sores among others. The periodontal membrane around the tooth may also swell due to the tooth becoming more and more infected. In such a case, ensure that you see a dentist as soon as you start feeling that something isn't right on in that tooth. It might save you a lot of grief later on.

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