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Do Teeth Actually Get Whiter from Baking Soda?

Posted on 4/30/2019 by Dr. Michael Wockenfus
Do Teeth Actually Get Whiter from Baking Soda?Have you ever heard that baking soda is able to help improve your oral health and whiten your teeth? Did you wonder if that was true or not? Well, luckily for those who have tried it, baking soda is good for your mouth.

It offers your mouth several benefits, which is why you often see it on the shelves of the dental care aisle at your local store. Here are some of the benefits that you can get by adding baking soda to your oral hygiene routine.

Baking Soda is Good for Your Mouth for Several Reasons

First, baking soda is slightly abrasive. This means that when you use it, it slightly polishes your teeth to a whiter, brighter shade. You only need to use a small amount, so getting a baking soda toothpaste or touching your favorite toothpaste into a small amount of baking soda right before you brush is more than enough. It is easy to add to your routine by just dabbing your prepared toothbrush into baking soda right before it goes into your mouth. A little dab is all you need.

Second, baking soda is able to help freshen your breath. It helps to kill off bacteria in your mouth that lead to bad breath, so adding it into your routine can help you battle halitosis. Finally, it can also help your mouth be a less inviting environment for bacteria and cavities. When you use a baking soda toothpaste, it can alter the pH of your mouth. By making the environment more basic and less acidic, you are less likely to have tooth decay if you properly care for your mouth.

Want to know more about what baking soda can add to your dental routine? Ask us the next time you come in for an appointment. We love to share what we know about keeping your mouth healthy!

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