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How Brushing Your Teeth in Straight Lines Leaves Them Dirty

Posted on 4/20/2019 by Dr. Michael Wockenfus
How Brushing Your Teeth in Straight Lines Leaves Them DirtyHave you ever watched someone brush their teeth? We've decided that no one brushes their teeth the same way as anyone else.

Some people begin on the top teeth and move back. Some people prefer to start in the back and move to the front. Bottom teeth are the preference for others. Did you know that people usually pick the direction you brush based on your dominant hand? It's true.

However you brush your teeth, there are ways to go about it that may be different than how you brush now. You may have been taught to brush your teeth either straight up and down, or you may have been taught to brush your teeth straight across to get the best clean. However, neither of these ways are correct. In fact, it is better to brush your teeth in small, soft circles. Not sure what we are talking about? Keep reading to find out more about how to brush your teeth the right way.

Everything in a Circle
If you brush your teeth in a circle, you are doing all sorts of great things for your teeth. First, small circular movements ensure that you are not brushing your teeth too hard. If you brush your teeth too hard, you run the risk of hurting the tooth enamel.

Also, brushing your teeth in circles means that both your teeth and gums get a nice gentle cleaning. It is just as important to gently clean your gums as it is your teeth. This is because food particles can become trapped in your gums, which means that your gums can become inflamed and painful.

If you continue to brush in straight circles, you will not get all the parts of your teeth clean, and your brushing pattern will eventually leave streaks on your teeth. Who wants that?

For Questions, Call Our Office

If you have questions about what to do with your teeth, why not give us a call? We can show you the best way to keep your teeth clean.

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