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How Can I Prevent Enamel Erosion?

Posted on 3/15/2024 by Weo Admin

A selection of toothpasteEnamel is the first line of defense for the teeth. While it is the hardest substance in the body, it is prone to erosion. Enamel erosion occurs when the outer layer of the tooth dissolves because of exposure to acidic foods and beverages. Erosion can also occur due to reduced saliva production, bruxism, and TMJ disorder. While eroded enamel cannot grow back, you can prevent enamel erosion. The following are dental erosion prevention tips:

Regular Brushing and Flossing

Proper oral care can help prevent tooth enamel erosion. Consider brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing at least once daily. Avoid brushing immediately after eating high-acid foods or drinking carbonated beverages. Acid softens tooth enamel, making the teeth vulnerable to erosion when brushed immediately. Instead, rinse your mouth with fluoridated tap water and wait 30 minutes before brushing with a soft toothbrush.

Limit Acidic Foods and Drinks

Some foods and drinks, such as processed meats, soda, and fruit juices, contain acids that erode tooth enamel. They soften the teeth, making them susceptible to wear. If you must consume acidic foods, rinse your mouth immediately after eating to reduce the impact of acid exposure on the teeth.

Use Fluoride Toothpaste

Tooth enamel comprises several minerals, including calcium, fluoride, and phosphate. Using fluoride toothpaste can strengthen tooth enamel and prevent erosion. Fluoride re-mineralizes the teeth, prevents enamel erosion, and reduces the risk of dental caries.

Chew Sugarless Gum and Mints

Saliva helps fight acids that cause tooth enamel erosion. Chewing sugarless gum and mints can trigger saliva production, helping reduce the risk of dental erosion. Chewing sugar-free gum also promotes saliva flow, ensuring optimal oral health.

Wear Night Guards

Teeth grinding or bruxism is one of the causes of dental erosion. If you have bruxism, wearing night guards can help prevent enamel erosion.

Schedule Regular Dental Visits

Tooth enamel erosion happens gradually, making it nearly impossible to notice. Scheduling regular dental visits can help diagnose the problem before it escalates. Contact us today to book a dental checkup.

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