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Is Toothache a Dental Emergency?

Posted on 12/1/2023 by Dr. Michael Wockenfus
Image of an emergency sign at Mid Valley Dental. Toothache causes discomfort and is painful. It affects your day-to-day plans, especially when it is severe. Sometimes, you can ease the pain through flossing, brushing, or rinsing. Some people take painkillers, too. However, the pain may not be going away. When this happens, seeing a dentist is recommendable. The toothache can be due to many causes. Though a toothache is not a dental emergency, here are several cases when it can turn into one:

It Lasts For More Than Two Days

Some toothaches are controllable using painkillers or brushing. However, the pain can be severe, prompting a serious issue. Your tooth might have an advanced cavity or bacterial infection. When the pain is not going away for a day or two, it is time to visit a dentist. You will need immediate attention to evaluate the cause of pain.

It Causes Swelling On Your Face

Swelling of your face or jaws can indicate a serious issue. When your toothache features progressive swelling on these parts, it can lead to breathing and swallowing issues. Do not wait until these problems become difficult to fix. If you are noting progressive swelling and challenges in breathing when experiencing a toothache, you need to seek immediate dentist attention.

Uncontrollable Bleeding From the Tooth

Sometimes, your toothache might be due to an injury. The tooth may suffer a crack, leading to bleeding. Excessive bleeding can be a life-threatening experience. When your teeth cannot stop bleeding, even with pressure or other first aid options, it is time to see your dentist.

No Changes Even After Using an Antibiotic

Antibiotics are a good option for dealing with severe toothache. They help to remove bacteria that may have infected your tooth. However, they may not work, prompting emergency dental attention. If you face any of the above issues, you must visit a dentist immediately.

A delay can be life-threatening. Contact us today if you are experiencing uncontrollable toothache for treatment and advice from our professional dentists.

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